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  • What type of product is Be Filler Beauty Drink?

    Be Filler Beauty Drink a food supplement based on collagen peptides, hyaluronic acid, vitamin C, lutein and White Tea; it helps our recover the natural functions of skin, such as elasticity and hydration.

  • How does the product work ? what is ANC (Active Nutrition Complex)?

    The patented complex A.N.C. (Active Nutrition
    is the heart of  the technology of the food supplement Be Filler Beauty Drink, it is characterized by a unique balance of the ingredients. All the ingredients have been appropriately balanced to deliver the right contribution and to avoid overdelivery compared to what can be assimilated by our body on a daily basis. 
    This way the product works as a natural ally of our body actively restoring hydration and elasticity to the skin, protecting it and fighting, inter alia, the harmful effects of environmental pollution.

  • How to prepare the product?

    The preparation is simple and fast:

    – Dissolve the content of one sachet in the Eco-Bottle or in another bottle/container

    – Add  400/500 ml (16 oz)   of water and shake the bottle for optimal dissolution

    – Sip the drink immediately or  within 2-3 hour from preparation.

  • What are the products included in the range be filler beauty drink?

    Two different products have been developed:

    – Beauty Drink: food supplement based on collagen peptides, hyaluronic acid, vitamin C, lutein and White Tea.

    – Beauty Drink FOR MEN: food supplement designed for the needs of the man. It contains, besides collagen peptides, hyaluronic acid, vitamin C and lutein, two variant-specific ingredients: Zinc and Grape Extract (Vitis Vinifera L.), which synergically develop a anti-oxidant and regulating action.

  • Which are the differences between beauty drink and beauty drink for MEN?

    There are variant specific ingredients: In Beauty Drink there is White Tea to promote the draining of liquids, while in the For Men product there is Zinc, to contribute to the protection of cells from oxidative stress, and Grape Extract (Vitis Vinifera L.) to enhance the microcirculation and the antioxidant activity.

  • when to drink BE FILLER BEAUTY DRINK?

    Any moment of the day.

  • Dosage?

    It is suggested to use 1 sachet per day (the ingestion of bigger quantities does not increase the effects, since each sachet contains the right dosage of components that can be assimilated in a day).

  • Treatments: when and for how long to use it?

    The use is free, it is suggested a 2-month-treatment for three times in a year.

  • BE FILLER BEAUTY DRINK: any restriction for age ?

    The product can be used always and there are no age restrictions. The product is valid for any age since the intake of the various components can be useful, especially the collagen that starting from the age of 25 is not any more produced by our body.

  • When the first effects will be visible?

    The first effects are visible already at the end of the first month.

  • Beyond skin elasticity what are the other benefits?

    Beauty Drink has beneficial effects also on nails, hair and joints.

  • How does the product taste?

    Beauty Drink has a pleasant Peach taste, while the For Men variant has Orange taste.

  • How many calories for a dose?

    A sachet contains 15,5 Kcal, while the For Men variant contains 14,7 kcal.

  • What is the pack size?

    Box with 30 sachets of 5g (monthly treatment)
    Suggested price: € 69,00 (costo/day: € 2,30)

  • What type of collagen is used ?

    e Filler Beauty Drink uses Verisol, the best collagen available on the market.
    It is collagen of animal type. It has been selected a collagen of animal type because it works better with our body compared to the marine type and because it is easier to assimilate.

  • Why to choose a granular formula instead of a ready-to-use monodose ?

    The granular form (lyophilization) ensure a better product stability and avoids the oxidation of Vitamin C. This way all the components remain 100% bio-available.

  • Any specific contraindications?

    Only for individuals with ascertained sensitivity / allergy vs one of the components.

  • What are the warnings for be filler beauty drink?

    It promotes dieresis (this attribute is not valid for the “For Men” version).

  • What to do in case of

    Diabetes? No specific contraindications, but please consult your doctor.

    Pregnancy and breast-feeding? No specific contraindications, but please consult your doctor.

    Use of other supplements/medicines? No specific contraindications, but please consult your doctor.


    The formula of Be Filler Beauty Drink is “Gluten Free”, therefore it is suitable for celiac individuals.


    Be Filler Beauty Drink is made in Italy under license of a Swiss patent.


    The range of supplements Beauty Drink comes from the experience of Be Filler Intradermic in the aesthetic sector (intradermal fillers).


    Be Filler offers a consultancy service. It is possible to use it by filling the form on the website.


    We are working to ensure that the supplements Beauty Drink, the Face& Neck Masks and the serum Face Serum Mix are widely available in Pharmacies, in any case please contact us so that we can give you a personalized answer. The range of Intradermic Fillers (Medical Devices) is reserved to doctors. For more information please contact us.


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