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What is Be filler® Beauty Drink
Nourishing and moisturizing skin from the inside

Born from experience Be Filler, Be Filler Beauty DRINK skin nutrition with ANC (Active Nutrition Complex) is a supplement based on collagen peptides, hyaluronic acid, vitamin C, lutein and White Tea.

As known, the ageing of skin is caused by a number of environmental factors, such as UV rays, pollution, stress, smoking and alcohol.
Indispensable then is to help our body in the work of restoring all natural “functions” of the skin, such as, for example, the elasticity and an optimal degree of hydration.

To do this you can rely on Be Filler Beauty DRINK Skin Nutrition with ANC (Active Nutrition Complex), thanks to its special formulation which actively restores hydration and elasticity to the skin, protecting it and fighting, inter alia, the harmful effects of environmental pollution.

Its exclusive formulation is in fact a nutritional complex, balanced at 360 °, able to work as a natural ally to restore function and, above all, elasticity and firmness to the skin.

Improves skin
and brightness.
skin elasticity
and firmness.
Helps mantain
hair and nail
looking healty.
Formulation and benefits
Active Nutrition Complex:
5 key ingredients to fight against
skin ageing

BE FILLER DRINK Skin Nutrition with A.N.C. (Active Nutrition Complex)
is a highly active nutritional complex thanks to the presence of its five key components:

Collagen (verisol®)

Obtained from short-chain peptides to increase the firmness of the skin by reducing, inter alia, the volume of periocular wrinkles.

Vitamin C

It contributes to the natural production of collagen for the normal functionality of skin; also it contributes to the protection of cells from oxidative stress. Vitamin C is provided in a quantity such as to make 30% of the nutrient reference values, as specified in the relevant table.

Hyaluronic Acid

To increase hydration and to effectively reduce the damages to skin from ultraviolet radiation.


A carotenoid, which develops an important antioxidant activity.

White Tea (camellia, sinensis, leaves)

With a clear antioxidant action and an equally important drainage function of body fluids.

Clinical studies confirm the efficacy of Be Filler® Beauty Drink in improving the functional properties of derma.

The patented complex A.N.C. (Active Nutrition
, is the heart of the technology of the food
supplement Be Filler Beauty Drink, but to obtain the
visible results that have been clinically tested
another base technology has proven to be absolutely
fundamental, it is the technology of lyophilization.

Lyophilization is a process that allows the total
elimination of water, so ensuring the maximum
preservation of the structure and of the
components of the active substances.

It is therefore thanks to lyophilization
that active ingredients such as collagen peptides,
hyaluronic acid, vitamin C, lutein and White The
are able to maintain all their qualities in order
to be really available at the moment of use.

The technology dominates obviously also the
production process, that takes place with the best
quality standards following the rules of “Code
Federal Regulations – Title 21” of F.D.A. :
Manufacturing Practices for Food Supplements.
The relative certifications are ISO 9001 –
14001 – ISO 22000


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