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  • Skin mask LIFT Effect

    Face & neck mask
    with DYPEPTYL

  • Skin mask HYDRO

    Face & neck mask
    mourishing and hydrating
    with hyaluronic acid and slug slime


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A new range of Face&Neck Masks

Prova ora
Single use mask


Be filler® skin mask lift Effect
Riduces lines/wrinkles with a pleasant “lift effect”

The special tissue of  Be Filler® Skin Mask –
LIFT Effect
 is impregnated by a soft gel rich of
actives form natural origin which act to prevent and
mitigate the lines of expression. 
The area under
treatment relaxes so giving back beauty and
harmony to the face and to the neck. 
Its active
principle Acetyl Dipeptide-1 cetyl ester
,gives to the mask a very special
hydrating and moisturizing power. 

Thanks to their molecular weight the components
used in the mask
Be Filler® Skin Mask – LIFT Effect
are able to create a lift effect that can be felt on skin.
The big quantity of product allows a specially rich
application on face and neck.

Be filler® skin mask Hydro
Nourish and hydrate your skin, protecting it from external aggressions.

Be Filler SKIN MASK – HYDRO has a special
formula with moisturizing elements that foster the
nutrition and the optimal hydration of epidermis,
contributing to restore the skin barrier
The ease
of use of the mask, the efficacy and the pleasant
sensation of comfort make it an ideal tool to restore
moisture, softness and beauty to the skin of face
and neck.

The hyaluronic acid develops an hydrating and
antioxidant action, while the slug slime has exceptional
nutrient and purifying properties.  The effect is a sort
of protection shield that helps to repair epidermis from
external aggressions. 
The two actives work in synergy
giving elasticity and firmness to skin. 
The big quantity
of product allows a specially rich application on
face and neck.

Instructions for use of be filler® skin mask
A simple gesture for the health of your skin



Clean and dry accurately face and neck, so removing impurities.



Lay the mask on face and neck.


After application

Leave the mask to act for 30 minutes. Afterwards, remove the mask and massage gently both face and neck.


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